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Branding and website design for businesses and products that want to stand out.

Become a brand customers flock to with audience targeted design.

I help brands and businesses like you turn visitors into customers through strategy-driven design, high quality media, and clear messaging. Are you having trouble standing out in the marketplace? Do you lack consistency and clear messaging? Does your new brand or business need a solid brand foundation? Are you losing out on sales and revenue due to poor design or web development? I’m here to help.

How much is poor design costing you?

Embarrasing Design

Is your brand falling behind in design? Today’s digital age makes design and aesthetic a crucial piece of a customer’s first impression.

No Consistency

Maybe you’ve invested in some sort of design, but you’ve never had a consistent visual look or strategy. Consistency is key to building brand recognition.

No Long Term Strategy

Have you ever thought of where you’d like your business to be in three, four, or even ten years? 

Disregard For Customers

As entrepreneurs we always have a heart attachment to our businesses, but if your brand is built around your preferences you could be missing out on profit.

Poor Web Development

9 out of 10 customers will search for your website before they engage with you. Is your website designed to effeciently turn visitors into customers?

How much is poor design costing you?

A small spark can start a great fire.

Hey! I’m Brennan, brand designer, strategist, and founder of Wildfire. I help entrepreneurs and brands move their businesses forward through customer-focused design.

Wildfire started after awakening from a dream of seeing a great fire sweeping over a vast forest. I started Wildfire to carry out that vision. To be a spark that can help grow your business or brand. With already over 10 years of experience in design I’m confident we can create a brand that stands out in today’s crowded marketplaces.

I’m passionate about problem solving, great design, and passionate people. I’m a firm believer that every business should be founded with a passion for what you do and who you serve. 

What we do best

Brand Identity Design

Web Design

Graphic Design

“Wildfire captured my tastes, listened to my needs, and just NAILED IT creating a very compelling product.”

Bianca Saia

Divan Bleu

“Wildfire works hard for their clients and their passion for what they do shows through the work.”

Austin Costello


“Wildfire helped us springboard from where we were to where we are now. They were definitely vital.”

Jenna Friesen

Structur Design + Interiors

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Not just design.
Visual solutions.


Process over product.



Discovery and Strategy are always our first priority in any project. Design is more than art. It’s the solution to a problem. We make it a point to identitfy the end goals so every project experience is collaborative and customer focused. 



Once we’ve identified what the goal is and who it’s for, that’s when we move into the design phase. This is where the magic happens, and that strategy becomes tangible.



Great design is awesome, but then what? We stay with you after the final approval to help you implement your new brand. After all, how your customers experience your brand is the most important part.

Not sure what services your brand may or may not need?

Are you ready to see the returns of investing in your brand?