April 3, 2019No Comments

Spring Cleaning For Your Brand

Often times in the day-to-day of our businesses, we can accumulate things like business cards, merch, signage, posters, flyers, ads, social media images, videos, and so on until we look up and realize wow…what a mess. Learn a few easy steps to upgrade your brand without breaking the bank!

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February 17, 2019No Comments

5 Tips for Working with Creatives

As a small business owner or someone in a position like marketing director, your chances of working with a creative at some point are very high. Whether you need a new logo, a business card, a website, or even headshots for your employees, there’s hundreds of reasons you may need to hire a professional. But finding the right person to help can be a daunting task! Here’s my best advice to find a trustworthy creative and get the best results for your project!

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July 6, 2016No Comments

Image File Cheatsheet

Sometimes sending the right file type to a creative or someone outside of your company can be confusing. That's why I developed this easy cheat sheet to help save time and frustration!

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