United Legacy

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Leaving a lasting legacy

Our first partnership with United Legacy came with creating a new brand identity for their Real Estate brokerage American Dream Homes.

During the project United Legacy was only two brands (American Mortgage Bank and American Dream Homes). However, they quickly realized their growth and vision was pushing them to become even more brands.

So the United Legacy team approached us to help them go from two brands to a total of five brands! We loved every step of this unique challege. 

This meant we had to tell one cohesive brand story, yet develop four additional brands and five stunning new websites. A special thanks to the talented Downey Strategy for copywritting and helping us tell that brand story.

As we began the process we knew we needed to start at the top. United Legacy is the flagship parent brand.

We developed a simple, strong brand that captures their essence and mission. United Legacy is an investment company focused on funding freedom, and helping others leave a lasting legacy.

American Dream Homes is a new kind of brokerage. ADH is giving the power to the agents. With lower costs and higher commissions for agents, ADH is empowering agents to take complete control and freedom of their business.

United Legacy wanted to take their real estate and loan experience a step further by adding a processing brand. Elevated is built on customer service and effeciency. 

Through their experience in the market Elevated was created to solve the problems they saw in other services. We branded Elevated to feel like an approachable, user-friendly platform. 

During their time investing and developing real estate United Legacy found success with various marketing techniques. They also found other companies and businesses reaching out to ask about their success.

Capacity is United Legacy’s new marketing agency designed to help take businesses to a new level through lead generation and high quality branding.

Everything about this brand is outisde-the-box. From the logo being flipped, to the url being spelled backwards, there’s no shortage of fresh ideas and surprises with this brand.

American Mortgage Bank is United Legacy’s longest standing brand. They offer mortgage loans at the top of the industry, and focus on top-tier customer service.

AMB’s original site was hard to navigate, and felt like an overlaod of information. We built a new site that gets home owners to the information they need effeciently. 

Are you ready to see the returns of investing in your brand?